AtR’s Active Threat Seminar provides an inside look into the making of a mass casualty killer whose targets are in public places. AtR’s Active Threat Seminar will teach you how to recognize a potential threat and its possible prevention, will take you into the mind of an active threat and train you on their telltale signs, and most importantly, will teach you skills to survive if you find yourself in an active threat event. This seminar is designed for anyone who finds themselves in public places. The Active Threat Seminar is an absolute necessity for K-12 schools, colleges, universities, churches, religious facilities, coffee houses and restaurants, as these are an active threats’ biggest targets. The Active Threat Seminar consists of an interactive lecture, followed by an open forum Q&A to maximize learning. Contact AtR today to schedule your Active Threat Seminar.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours



Email Us at:

Call or Text: 218-576-7375


Class size is often dependent on your venue. AtR recommends class sizes under one hundred to allow for more direct and personal questions and answers.  We can accommodate more than one session per day to better serve larger groups.

Our lecture does not include drills at this time.  This class is intended to inform and prepare the mind for emergency situations.  Often drills have been known to cause injury, distress, and facility damage.

The current run time is approximately 90-120 minutes depending engagement and questions asked.

We encourage you to take notes.  However “videoing” the course with electronic devices is prohibited due to the sensitive nature of the class.

Yes we certainly can, please contact us at or call 218-576-7375 and we will work with you to schedule a class